Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Front Cover Ideas

 This was my first idea. I was expreimenting with a 'sexy witch'  and the idea of having the dress to catch the female eye getting them to look at the magazine.

However i felt it was too seductive and had connotations of sexual availability which i felt was inapportate to the target audience; I wanting something more fun and innocent.

I contined with the idea of a witch but introduced the crystal ball which is more fun and playful .

I felt there was something missing with this sketch. I just thought that the Halloween speacial didn't come across enough.  Maybe introducing  face paints, spooky back ground ?

Content page Sketches

Double Page Spread Planning

Idea 1 : With the first sketch I went with the simple and sophisticated look; having the page consists of a small amount of text and the image dominating, which I researched in the contents page and Florence double page spread which I analyzed. However doesn’t really have the loud Pop music feel or portray the contrast with the indie and pop ; it's not bubbly and fun with that edgy twist of indie so then the target audience can relate. This sophisticated look appeals to an older audience therefore wasn't right.
Idea 2 : I experimented more with the idea of double page and trying to use the space and create a bubbly and fun feel so then the target audience can relate. But I think I when a bit too crazy and its very jumbled and on top of each other which makes it hard to understand and read; a bit in your face and overwhelming. This I feel was more of a child’s magazine with everything jumping out trying to captivate and keep their attention as children tend to have a short attention span.
Final Idea : I wanted to have a balance between of the two as the target audience like to feel their mature but really deep down they are a bit of a big kid. I followed elements of ' The teenagers' double page spread from the research as I felt it would be more successful and appealing to the audience. The image was put on the left side as you read from left to right which exaggerates the 'image' is the main feature and then the text on the other page. Compare to 'The Teenagers from my research I intend to add pictures in the middle of my text to portrays the Pop, teens, fun and bubbly theme.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Music Questionnaire and Results

The sample of  30 people who took the questionnaire ranged from ages 16-19 years old and are my friends and family. They were all female as that is my target audience.


Looking at the results here are the conclusion:

· Pop is the preferred music genre, however it is only favored by one more person than indie.

· Most people are willing to pay between £1-£1.99 for the magazine

· Indie music Font was most appealing however over all with the sum of both pop fonts it was favored.

· the colours that were most popular where: Black Purple Red & Gold

· Urban and R&B didn’t seem to be very popular as a whole

Looking at the following question results:

Would you like a variety of music genres in one magazine?

Some people were against this idea as the whole magazine content wouldn’t appeal to them and therefore would see it as a waste of money and also they felt that it would be too busy and wouldn’t have a specific and define target audience; it would be to open.

However the major of people said yes they would as they can be introduced to new artist and genres and get an insight to all the genres and elements of the music industry.

What editorial pillars would you want in the magazine?

The most popular were interviews with artist, also feature pages on new releases, images, posters, latest gossip.

Looking at questionnaires on a whole: they were quick and easy way to get information but are really valid because my sample wasn’t big enough and plus it mostly produced quantitative data. However I did find it helpful with devolving and having feedback on my ideas of colour schemes, what to include in my magazine and a variety of music genre in one magazine; I found the questions that produced qualitative data were useful.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Music Magazine Audience Profile

The type of person the magazine would be aimed at is someone who falls into the C's on the Jincars scale. The would have the social values of 'to play, or enjoy life now' and there fore a Hedonists. They would be 16-19 and be would an achiever; someone who has goals,wants to achieve 'goal driven'

The person would have the impression of 'following the crowd' and very mainstream, however they would be very confident, strong personality and their own twist on their fashion sense.  They will have strong dreams I live but aren't sure whether they can achieved it due to other things, such as friends and family as their loyalty  lies with them. The person would enjoy socialising, shopping, beauty, parties and new experiences. Their family and friends means the world to them and they would do anything for them even if it was getting in the way of their own personal achievements, dreams and issues; they would always come first.
They would listen to the typical mainstream music such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The Wanted and Nicki  Minaj, But has their own style and listens to Paloma Faith and Pink who add their own twists to pop music. They typically enjoy 'Feel good music' but also have the odd song which they here and love, such as Save a life, Hey soul Sister, Mr Bright side, Brick by boring brick and Kill the Director. 

They love make-up and beauty and have a strong 'passion for fashion'. You would find them in shops such as River Island, Top shop, New look and is a big fan of  on-line shops such as or They are inspired by fashion icons such as Cheryl Cole, Ashley Olsen and  Fearne Cotton. They mainly make an effort by now and again slouches around in a big jumper/ Boyfriend Shirt with jeans or leggings. You feel accessories  and shoes complete and outfit. Your make-up is simple and complementing but you do like going for the 'Wow' look on a night out. 

They follow many programmes such as the typical mainstream ones like 'X Factor', 'I'm a Celebrity', 'Merlin', Take me out  and 'Celebrity Juice'. But many of the teenage dramas that they follow are online such as 'The Vampire Diaries', 'Teen Wolf', 'Pretty Little Liars'. They also enjoy the odd 'watching TV with mum or Nanny' Like a programme such as 'The Paradise'.

They are very artistic and creative enjoying photography, art and  applying Fashion to this. They like to around friends and family and love the Christmas and holiday atmosphere.  Parties and a girls night in is one of their must; eating chocolate and junk food and watching films such as  ' Friends with Benefits' , 'No strings Attached','13 going on 30',   'The ugly truth' . But they also enjoy the  childhood classics like Shrek,'Toy Story' and  Horrors like 'Dead silence', 'Nightmare on Elm street', 'Hows at the end of the Street' .

Relationships, romance, family and friends are very important to you. They care about how you look and keeping your body in shape but you love the odd Mc Donald's and Galaxy bar. They enjoy fitness up not a sport craze. You like to visit the big cities like New York Paris and London.  They love the festival atmosphere and attend the 'V' and 'Glastonbury' festivals. They go see their favourite music artists in concert and have most of there storage on the laptop taken up by music downloads and films.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween and Pop Music Viedos

Halloween Inspired Photo

Course Work : Thought Bubble

I was just researching magazine looking for a gap in the market. I was exploring the Halloween themed music magazine as I’m in favor with that idea as I feel its unique and different and I came across Billboard latest magazine published on the 20th October. It has reference to Halloween things such as 'Voodoo' and 'Apple', also the mise-en- scene with the skulls and crosses and has used the typical Halloween colour scheme of orange and black.

I like how the image of Kesha and the front cover isn't over the top and too cheesy with the Halloween theme idea. It’s still kept it classy and fashionable look, still consisting of the splash of fun an colour which portrays the pop and yet included elements of Halloween

Analysing Music Double page spread

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pop Music

 Pop music is an abbreviation term of "popular". The music has been recorded commercially it's often aimed at a wide range of audience, however it appeals to the teens market mostly. It usually between 3-5mins long, simple and upbeat songs. 
Pop music has commercial worldwide success, widely listened and if often referred to as mainstream music.
 The conventions of  Pop consist of various  sounds to compose a consistent beat and  sub-genre is sometimes used to create a  new and unique style.

 Comparing Pop with other genres, Pop tends to generally aim appeal to the audience as oppose to ideology or culture with the ambition to sell the most singles and get the number one stop on the charts etc.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Analysing Music Magazine Covers

Denotation- An icon brunette haired girl posing with arms up close to her chest, most likely taken in a studio against a pink background. The girl is modeling a black glittered and floral dress and is surrounded in symbols; text, cover lines masthead etc.

  Connotation- The pink of the front cover connotes feminine, innocent, young, fun and bright. The Front cover on the whole gives the impression of romantic, vintage, classy, independent, successful, powerful, love, happiness, cheerful, spring, summer, weddings, valentines, peace, princess, passion, cute, fairytale, sweet and flirty.

Anchorage- ' The new Queen of Pop' limits the connotations to peace, passion, classy, independent, successful, powerful as the word 'Queen' indicates respectable women of high social class and power however the word 'Pop' calms the instant explosion of authority widening the range of ideas from less serious and formal to more fun and causal feminine, young, fun and bright, happiness, cheerful, sweet, princess and flirty. Words which were initially crossed your mind such as wedding, valentines, romantic, vintage, cute aren't so valid anymore due to the text closing the range of connotations. However summer, spring and flirty can be defended as the flowers wrapped around her body give this floral seductive feel. The fairytale thoughts could be explained by the princess atmosphere created by the text 'Queen', the pink background, flowers and how they are placed around her head as if it was tiara.

Looking at how the icon of Katy Perry is represented in this image I would say would be Dominant ideology as she is posing flirty, girly and seductive which is consider the norm; females should be attractive if they are to be accepted in society, especially if they want to impress the males.

Every magazine has a specific target audience and goes through the process of profiling and for ‘Billboard’ I believe that the type of reader it attracts is as follows:
· Female
· Falls into the category of 16-22 years old
· You enjoy a good gossip and follow the Celebrity lives.
· You Listen to Pop music
· You have an interest in Fashion
· Your ideal holiday would be a city break (Paris/New York) or a night life break to Ibiza
· Your Saturday night would be a girls’ night out/in depending on your mood
I believe that the psychographics of the audience (teenagers/ young adults ) for this type of magazine would be achievers or aspirers as the bubbly pop mag would attract the type of person who wants to do well and have the urge to achieve. The audience that the magazine would appeal to is someone who has the values of playing now and enjoy life and have to be something, so therefore would fall under the category of Post-modernists and/or Hedonists. Looking at the Jicnars scale, the reader that the magazine would attract would be someone who falls into the C1 category.

Denotation- An icon of a girl wearing a white top and a crown. There is red liquid which we assume is blood running down her face. One of her arms are reached up to her head where her hand tilts the tiara. The icon is surrounded in symbols; text, circles, masthead, barcode cover lines etc.
Connotation- The white top and tiara purity, innocence, softness, royalty, powerful, princess, angel, quiet, pleasant, understated elegance, sleek, glamorous, rich. Looking at the magazine front cover as a whole expresses the ideas of nice, romance, playful, delicate, formal, conservative, sophisticated, energy, war, danger, strength, horror, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.
Anchorage- 'Mad' and Bloody' restrict the connotations to energy, war, danger, strength, horror, power, death, crazy, hurt, anger, however the 'Good' is used in the same sentence ' So What's So Bloody Good', this play on words and a contrast of good and evil opens a wider range of connotations such as purity, innocence, softness, angel, quiet, pleasant and kind due to the word 'Good'. To further the idea of good and evil the background is light with a shadow of dark creating a gloomy and cloudy feel possibly portraying what evil lurks within the shadows and dark. There is an ongoing theme with contrast of good and evil; the icon of Lana Del Rey is wearing a tiara which links in with earlier connotations ideas like royalty, powerful, princess which are normally related to positive/ good words. Running from the tiara (portrayed as good) is supposedly blood that can been seen has horror, hurt and danger which conveys evil in the theme throughout the front cover.
The icon of Lana Del Rey is represented as mainly dominant ideology following the norm of society with women being attractive to others, however this is challenged with Lana Del Rey wearing a crown showing power and capability of having the rulers status which expresses that women can be more powerful than men. Also the blood running down her face slightly is rebellious damaging the typical attractive women status which therefore also makes the icon fall into the category of Emergent ideology too.
Every magazine has a specific target audience and goes through the process of profiling and for ‘Q’ I believe that the type of reader it attracts is as follows:
·Falls into the category of 16-22 years old
·You go to a lot of concerts and Festivals
·You Listen to chart music
·Your ideal holiday would be a city break (Paris/New York) or a campout to see a festival.
·Your Saturday night would a night out with friends (mixed group)
I believe that the psychographics of the audience for this type of magazine would be achievers or radicals as teenagers, which is the target audience supposedly believe they are different and are at the stage where they have the urge to achieve something. The type audience that the magazine would appeal to is someone who has the values of playing now and enjoy life and have to be something, so therefore would fall under the category of Post-modernists and/or Hedonists. Looking at the Jicnars scale, the reader that the magazine would attract would be someone who falls into the C1 category.

Course Work: Preparation For Research

 I have scanned on  a table and check-list which I have created to help me keep organized, manage my time well and construct detailed research.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Course Work: Thought Bubble

From my knowledge previously looking at gossip content pages it normally follows the theme of bold, lively, overloaded and bursting with colours which is very different to the music contents pages I've anaylised above. I can see that music magazine take a very different apporach of appeal; a sophicated, contempary, creative and classy, stylish sense with a touch of life and fun. Both content pages featureone icon of a person and everything else seems to complent the image, exggerating the icon as the focal point. However, even though the icon is the main attraction the title is also large and bold and i have to remember when creating my contents page that the title is also important. I think i will included  one main featured icon of a girl and then keep the text simple.

Analysing Contents Page

The icon of Katy Perry balancing an large inflatable mushroom dominates the contents page as the layout only contains one column of text and a quotation in the bottom left hand side which is unusual compared to the typical contents page.

Looking at the text, the font chosen throughout this contents page is sans serif which gives the impression of a modern, sophisticated appearance. The contents page includes Fairley small font which again is very unusual from the traditional gossip magazine; the text is extremely colourful, blunt and over the top. In contrast with this contents page it has taken more simple and pretty approach yet both conclude reaching the same purpose, getting straight to the point. Looking at the title ‘contents’ and the font used conveys a fun, lively and bubbly feel one which will draw in younger readers.

The icon Katy Perry is the main feature in this magazine as she is position in center of the page. The shot is very creative with her balancing a oversized toad stool making her look smaller and more pixie like and magical which ties in with a fairytale story linking with the target audience. The mystical atmosphere gives a sense that the magazine will contain very artistic, imaginative and creative with their photography, imagery and design.

The contents page had followed the guidelines of traditional media industry colour scheme red, black and white, however this contents page has added its own twist with a splash of blue and hot pink. The plain white background portrays the innocence and simplicity of featured icon and of the target audience, but in contrast Katy Perry is modeling a partial red dress which expresses the different elements of her personality; daring, bold, fun and passionate.

The Colour Connotations:

Red: love, passion, heat, joy, power

Blue: strong, calm, important, peaceful, intelligent

Black: conservative, mysterious, sophisticated

White: purity, innocence, softness

Again the icon of the girl dominates the contents page. The attention of the audience is first drawn to image of the female model due the size and the uniqueness of the pose. The pose of the model is very creative and unusual giving a modern, classy and seductive feel.
The text on the page are divided into two different headings“Features” and “Fashion”, keeping it clean and simple making it easier to read, clear and straightforward to find what you’re looking for.
The title 'Contents' is position at the top right corner of the page and the breakup of the word in which the layout is very unique and a signature look, will instantly attract the audience eye to it. The font is bold and in capital letters showing the power and a bold statement which it portrays, also the contrast in text colourwhite and black background expresses the dark and light (good and evil) which links with the colour theme: grey, black, white and nude.
The font of the sub text is very moderate, definite yet still relaxed, in contrast the heading the font has an elegant flow and gracefulness which catches the eye of the audience leading them to read to informative text underneath the heading.
The background is fading light creating a cloudy, dusk, gloomy and seductive atmosphere which captivates the audience to create thought provoking observation.
The ColourConnotations :
Black - conservative, mysterious, sophisticated
Gray - formal, classy, sophisticated
Silver - sleek, glamorous, rich
White - purity, innocence, softness
Ivory - quiet, pleasant, understated elegance
Brown - earthiness, wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness

Monday, 15 October 2012

Course Work: Thought Bubble

Was handed my coursework task today, it was to produce a music magazine, contents page and two page spread.

My first ideas:

· I was thinking of doing a mixture of genres of music in the one magazine; mixture of bands like Paramore, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Avril, Coldplay etc.

· However on more thought I didn’t think it was a good idea because it’s too wide a range of target audience and the reader would find it very random.

· I was thinking of doing more of a teenage girley pop music magazine but special addition; Christmas, Halloween or Valentines.