Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Course work: Thought Bubble

After the meeting we arranged another on today to sort out times which suit everyone and then I create a schedule.

Now my research and planning is done I need to make sure that the next few weeks I have full dedication and organized so then it's successful. I want to do well so I need to meet deadlines and follow the time management.

I've concluded that my magazine will be a Halloween special, following the indie/pop/rock genre.

My Front cover will include Aishah as a skull candy wearing a white black. Also surrounded in only just text to have a professional look and also follows the trend of the other music magazine from my research.

Contents will include Khalid inspired by lady Gaga skull makeup, surrounded in text which is simple like the ones in my research.

Double Page Spread will include models Paige, Emma, Alice as a girl band, wearing dresses and holding Halloween props . The text will consist of an interview and their top 13 Halloween songs.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Costume and Front Cover

Referring back to the focus group findings they recommended that the Front cover image should be a long shot including the dress to attract the audiences eye. Looking at the research front covers I wanted to take the approach of how Lana Del Rey is represented :

I like the contrast of the innocent princess, fairy tale and rebellious, dangerous etc. which would be portraying  the different  genres (Pop and Indie) in the magazine. So for the models outfit on the front cover I was thinking a white with hints of black to express the contrast and give an edgy feel.

So I researched into singers, skull and white/black dresses and found the following images to inspire the outfit for my front cover:

I want a flowly short white dress with black lace to show the contrast and express the message . I was thinking like the image above of Katy Perry.
And is asked For Feed  back Via Facebook :

Props and Costume Table

Experimenting Shots

Here are some of the backgrounds and pratice photos which I experimented with:


Double Page Spread Planning Part 2

So i was thinking about what i content i should include in my double page spread and looking the focus group research i figure I should go with the interview and then have the groups top '13' (hench halloween) songs.

The sort of questions I was thinking of asking were along the following below:
" you have just released Dark Hallows which has reached number one this week, how are you feeling about this? "
  • up coming tours
  • what they do for Halloween
  • what they think of ghosts
  • boyfriends
  • celebrity crushes
  • clash they have with another group
  • truth about their reletionship
  • questions about fans
  • who inspired them.
Top 13 songs such as :

  • Thiller Micheal Jackson
  • Beautiful Monster
  • Highway to Hell ACDC
  • I put a spell on you Nina Simone
  • Sweet Dreams Eurythmics
  • Fun House Pink
  • Supersition 

Time Management

Feedback on Costume planning


I showed two friends that were relevent to the target audience and showed them photos  which my final images or would be inspired by such as :


Location- The Studio

I would take my photos in the Studio at college so i have done a risk assesment  of the possible danger and how to prevent them below: 
Here above is me asking for permission to use the studio via email.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Course Work : Thought Bubble

After casting the models i'm going to arrange a meeting at my House on Sunday 4th November at 1:30pm so then we can go through ideas and props and whos bringing what. It will  help myself and the models get a better understanding of what they have to do and also get the props organised so then everyone knows what they are doing.

Main Goals:
  • Get all the Props organised
  • Find out everyones availablity
  • Sets dates for shooting
  • Explain what all models roles are

Casting and Models


Where: Front Cover
 Model Name: Lilee Rose Rey
 Reason: The reason I chose aishah to be the model on the front
 cover is because she has done a wee bit of modelling in the past and also is very reliable and has the Pop pretty look so suits the genre.


Where: Double Page Spread
Model Name: Keeva
Reason: Alice is a reliable person and is very pretty so therefore would suit the genre. She smiley and happy which will be expressed in the photos.


Where: Double Page Spread
Model Name: Aria
Reason: Emma's personal music taste is Indie, so therefore has the look and understands the indie music industry. She again is very reliable and i can trust her not to let me down.


Where: Double Page Spread
Model Name: Ella
Reason: Paige is the 'Pop princess' and loves artist like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa etc. so therefore would be helpful with understanding the pop music convention to further my knowlegde from research. She has a very bold and virbrant personality which will be expressed through the shots .


Where: Contents Page
Model Name: Tyler Edwards
Reason: Has had  previous experience in modelling therefore would be suitable, also he has the image of an music artist, again is reliable and available.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Planning Indie/ Rock Band

For my double page spread it was a toss up between 'Top 13 Halloween songs' or an music artist interview but I deicded to go with the interview of a Indie/Rock girl band.
I did some research on rock/indie bands to see how their represented and what they wear for inspiration for my double page spread.

Looking at the images you learn it ver posey and how they feel and their music is expressed through there clothes and expression . I will have to keep this in mind when creating an image for my girl band.

Focus Group Results

Course Work: Thought Bubble

Thinking about the questionnaire I need more qualitative data and feedback on my sketches and ideas for the magazine. I feel that a  focus group (discussion) is the best way as you can bounce ideas of each other and get a full understanding of what the people think. I was thinking of asking my friends as I know they are reliable and would give honest feedback.